• Image of 2501
  • Image of 2501


1 color screenprint 40X40 cm,
hand finished with 24k gold leaf,
hand screenprinted on Arches 100% cotton paper 270gsm,
edition of 10.

signed and numbered
designed by 2501.

frame not included.

About the artist:
Milan-born artist 2501 works in a wide variety of mediums, including painting, installation, sculpture, photography, and film. Embarked in a quest for blank spaces, 2501 experiments with lines, shapes and motion in free compositions that show strictness all the while breaking art codes.
His art and process serve as an investigative conduit between an individual who has absorbed a number of principles from classical art and the application of them in a contemporary environment.
Utilizing an approach that can be both primitive and sophisticated, the repetition of exploratory and evaluative line work is highlighted by 2501’s sensitivity to the relationship of the exacting details of surface and applicant. Equally important are the dynamics of open air, empty spaces and established structures or derelict buildings. The symbiotic relationship between positive and negative space is always at play, as each element swaps real estate back and forth.

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