4 color screenprint,
50x70 cm
hand printed and embellished with silver leaf,
edition of 10 signed and numbered.
designed by Filippo Vogliazzo

all the 10 prints are unique and differ from the other,
the fading effect, changing from red to yellow is reproduced with a split fountain that gave each print a unique look.

About the artist:

Born and raised in Milan, now living and working in Berlin.
What we create is a sign that testifies the moment in which the sign itself happened to be.
A collective action, a line drawn on paper, are applied techniques that allow us to reach the detachment of the power of expression.

The image reminds us what happens in this moment of detachment but is nothing more than a witness, it's a memory. The image itself is empty, and what makes it important is the surrounding expression that created it. My research develops through mixed media such as painting, drawing, sewing and printing.


upon request, the pictures of the 10 individual prints are available.
please write us an e-mail at: info@leraclet.com