• Image of Here's  the life I've always longed for
  • Image of Here's  the life I've always longed for

the print will be available again around July 20th 2024.

thanks for your patience!

'Here's the life I've always longed for' is back!

3-color screenprint
42x59.4 cm (A2) hand printed on Fedrigoni acid free paper 300gsm. open edition.

designed and signed by Anna Haifisch

frame not included.

About the artist:

Anna Haifisch is a Leipzig based illustrator, her revitalising colour combinations, as well as her wit and charm are a key characteristic of her work.In Anna’s world the boundaries between humans and animals are often blurred in a subtle way: dogs, frogs and comforting talking creatures are recurring characters, as well as ‘The Artist’, a frail, birdlike protagonist that is a slight representation of the illustrator herself, always up to satirize the exclusive, ephemeral, and frequently absurd world of fine art.


Shipping related announcement:

Because of the size of this item, if you buy it together with another art print,
we will have to make two separate shipping.

Shipping within the EU are made via UPS
Rest of the world via DHL

Sadly we are not able to sell to the UK anymore :( With the introduction of the 135 consignment rule, we are not allowed to sell and invoice private customers in the UK anymore, this is sadly not a shipping issue, but a trade regulation one.
We are allowed to sell to customers in the UK only if they are in possession of a VAT number, if that is your case please get in touch via e-mail, thanks for your understanding!

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