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  • Image of LOVERS


4-color screen-print,
50x60 cm
hand pulled on fedrigoni 320gsm acid free, white paper, edition of 20.

signed and numbered by the artist,
designed by Olimpia Zagnoli.

Because of the heavy grammature of the paper, this item is shipped FLAT, please select your country at check-out to get your shipping rate, if your country is not listed, please send us a message from the contact form. thank you!

frame not included.

About the artists:
Olimpia Zagnoli is a creative female-type person born into an artistic family in Milano. She drives a Vespa and has large round glasses, but the main thing is that she can, and does, draw like an ambidextrous octopus. One with with prodigious skills, and a doppio espresso.

Although she will admit to being influenced by Bruno Munari, Paul Rand and the other usual suspects, she creates super fresh shapely shapes, completely new voluptuous forms, in her own clean palette of brights and darks, flat as a pancake, baby.

After graduating from some kind of design school in Italy, OZ burst upon the New York media scene in a colorful cloud of charm, humor, and easy-to-work-withiness (an essential new adjective when describing young people) in 2008. She thinks fast, draws faster, and eats spaghetti like a lady.


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